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WRAS Approval Number: 1111099



`Meiko TopLine` range of bedpan washing machines. Flow is controlled by two normally closed solenoid valves incorporating a dirt trap arrangement with stainless steel strainers, and plastic flow regulators and discharges via a type `AA` air gap. Maximum working pressure 5.0 bar. Maximum operating temperature 60°C.

Size: ¾” BSP male inlets.

Model: Meiko TopLine 10 (Wall mounted). Meiko TopLine 20 (Floor standing). Meiko TopLine 30 (Wall installation). Meiko TopLine 40 (Cabinet installation).

Marking: Meiko, TopLine on control panel.Meiko, model number, company details product information on servicing hatch.

Note: These appliances incorporate a Fluid Category 5 backflow prevention device.


Manufacturer: Meiko Maschinebau GmbH & Co KG  Englertr 3  77652 Offenburg  Germany