WIAPS Co-ordinating Group

The WIAPS coordinating group reports to the WRAS Board on matters regarding the administration of the scheme. However recommendations related to broader water industry policy should be referred to the Technical Committee for decision, including endorsement of qualifications.


To raise awareness of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and (Scotland) Byelaws and promote compliance with these Regulation, through operation of the Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme (WIAPS), an Approved Contractor Scheme, and support of suitable plumbing qualifications.


1. On behalf of the WRAS Board to oversee the operation of the WIAPS. This includes but is not limited to:
  • Reviewing scheme performance through appropriate information such as membership numbers.
  • Reviewing relevant policies, procedures and documentation i.e. disciplinary process, audit process, letter templates.
  • Reviewing activities to promote WIAPS and the other approved contractor schemes operating in the UK
  • Reviewing the results of audits of WIAPS members.
  • Reviewing summaries of complaints and disciplinary measures.
  • To identify and recommend areas where changes could be made to improve the operation of the Scheme and to advise the WRAS Board of any recommendations.
  •  Reviewing WIAPS’ compliance with the operator rules of WaterSafe
2. To encourage and monitor the effective support of WIAPS by water suppliers through:
  • the auditing of WIAPS members by water suppliers;
  • promotion of WIAPS and WaterSafe by water suppliers;
  • and sharing of water supplier approaches to facilitate consistency and good practice.  

3. Consideration of the issues relevant to all UK Approved Contractor Schemes, where collaboration would be beneficial. Any industry wide policy recommendations should be referred to the Technical Committee for decision.

4. Discussion of plumbing qualifications that are submitted to WRAS for water industry endorsement as an entry level to WIAPS and recommending suitable qualifications for endorsement by the Technical Committee. 

5. Establishing and overseeing, as it may from time to time think fit, any sub-committee, working group or panel and to advise it on any aspects of its functions.

6. Providing opportunities for continued professional development (CPD) and networking for water suppliers' employees.

7. Carrying out such functions as may be assigned to it from time to time by the WRAS Board.


Membership of the Co-ordinating Group shall be open to a single representative of every member who subscribes to WIAPS. Each of these representatives will have a single voting right. Representatives will ideally have direct responsibility for issues concerning approved contractors or the practical implementation and application of enforcement of the Regulations.

The WIAPS Manager, and as agreed with the Chairperson, any other WRAS employees, may attend the WIAPS co-ordinating group in an advisory capacity. They do not have any voting rights. WRAS will provide secretarial support to the meeting.