Business Plan

A summary of the WRAS Business Plan was published in April 2012 and can be found here.  

The Business Plan describes the strategic direction of the company from April 2012 until March 2017 and sets out the strategic initiatives WRAS is committed to deliver to achieve its purpose and objectives.

The WRAS Board of Directors commissioned market research covering all sectors, which had an interest in WRAS. The study gave feedback about how WRAS is perceived and what its stakeholders want going forward. Building on this feedback, a draft business plan was developed, but to ensure WRAS had got it right, the plan was presented to a wide range of stakeholders at a conference in March 2012. Incorporating feedback from the conference the plan was finalised. Updates against the actions within the business plan can be found in the latest WRAS annual report.

An update on our progress delivering the business plan can be found within our latest annual report.