WRAS Approvals' guidance and conditions

WRAS Approvals guidance and conditions set out below have been developed where an Ambiguity has been identified by WRAS Approvals within the Regulators' Specifications. WRAS Approvals have devised a Suggested Approach which is to be used when assessing products submitted for WRAS approval only and is detailed in the following documents.

Please note the Suggested Approach has not been endorsed by the water companies or the courts, and they could adopt a different approach to the Ambiguity. For this reason, WRAS cannot guarantee that enforcement action will not be taken by water companies under the water fittings regulations, or that the courts will hold that your product is compliant in this regard. No reliance should be placed on the Suggested Approach for the purposes of designing or producing any product, and you should rely on your own legal advice.

WRAS, accordingly, accepts no liability for loss of goodwill, business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure (whether reasonably foreseeable or not) or indirect or consequential loss arising from or in connection with the Ambiguity or the Suggested Approach.

Ref No
Issue No
Inlet valves - Joints in inlet valves to be used in AG air gap arrangements
 v 1.0
23 Oct 2019
WC flush mechanisms with integrated overflows as part of a type AG air gap
 v 1.0
23 Oct 2019
WAP-19003Inlet valves and their potential to form an air gap for a Type AG air gap
 v 1.1
27 Jan 2020
WAP-19004Type AG air gap – air break to drain
 v 1.0
23 Oct 2019