Installation Requirement Notes (IRNs)

Installation requirement notes detail the installation and other requirements that apply to products as a condition of their WRAS product approval and are identified both in the directory listing and the approval documentation of an approval. An approval will only be valid if the requirements of the IRN are followed.

Such conditions are a requirement of the WRAS Approvals scheme imposed as part of the certification process; installing water fittings in accordance with such requirements does not guarantee compliance with the water fittings regulations. For this reason, WRAS cannot guarantee that enforcement action will not be taken by water companies under the water fittings regulations, or that the courts will hold that your product is compliant in this regard even where an installation and requirement note is adhered to.”

WRAS, accordingly, accepts no liability for loss of goodwill, business, revenue or profits, anticipated savings or wasted expenditure(whether reasonably foreseeable or not) or indirect or consequential lossarising from or in connection with the WRAS installation and requirement notes.

No reliance should be placed on an IRN as evidence that a product complies with the requirements of the water fittings regulations. We further refer you to the limitations of our liability in connection with the WRAS Approvals scheme.

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