PAG Meeting Dates

The Product Assessment Group (PAG) of the Scheme includes representatives from the UK Water Industry. The Group meets regularly to assess test reports and approve the latest Water Fittings on behalf of the UK Water Supply Industry.

Please be advised that the Scheme does not guarantee that submissions received by the cut-off date will automatically be presented at the next PAG meeting. Whilst the Scheme administrators make every effort to process applications in time for the next meeting due to incomplete forms or inadequate detail this is not always achievable. Applicants and their agents are advised to ensure that all the details requested by the Scheme are provided in the application.

Submissions must be presented to WRAS no later than 12pm on the submissions deadline day.


Submissions Deadline

PAG Meeting date

Tuesday 30th April
May:              Wednesday 22nd & Thursday 23rd
Wednesday 5th June
June:             Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th
Wednesday 3rd July
July:              Wednesday 24th & Thursday 25th
Wednesday 14th August
Sept:             Wednesday 4th & Thursday 5th
Wednesday 18th SeptOct:               Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th
Wednesday 23rd October
Nov:               Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th
Wednesday 20th NovemberDec:               Wednesday 11th & Thursday 12th