Advice For Consumers

Making sure your plumbing system is installed and used in accordance with the requirements of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations and Byelaws in Scotland are not only a legal requirements but vital in making sure the water supply remains safe.

If you are employing someone to do plumbing work, consider using an approved plumber. They have had specific training in the regulations and byelaws, which enables them to ensure there no risk from poor installation or sub-standard materials that might contaminate your water supply.  There is also an added benefit in that they will issue a ‘work completed’ certificate which can provide property owners a legal defence if sub-standard plumbing work is found.

If you are doing the work yourself make sure you know the requirements, not only will the fittings have to be suitable and appropriately installed, in some cases you may also have to notify your local water supplier in advance before carrying out the work.

One of the best ways to ensure you use the correct type of fittings is to use one which is WRAS Approved. Each component or appliance will have to demonstrate they meet stringent requirements and comply with these regulations and byelaws when correctly installed and used. But you need to be careful, not all fittings are approved for all situations. Some may be limited to specific circumstances. Each component or appliance listed will have advice about any limitations that might apply or installation requirements which need to be considered before using them. 

All approved fittings and products can be found in the WRAS Products and Material Directory and is free to access.

There is guidance and advice in the Resources section which set out the requirements that need to be adhered to, as well as advice on some of the more common problems which customers may come across.