Water Industry Approved Plumbers' Scheme (WIAPS)

WIAPS is funded by sixteen Water Suppliers to administer an approved plumbers scheme for them. In order to become a WIAPS member,  applicants have to demonstrate that they have been suitably trained as a plumber, that they have adequate knowledge of the Regulations by passing an assessment and they must be able to confirm that they have appropriate insurance cover.

There is no membership fee for a plumber who wants to join WIAPS but there is a charge for taking the assessment of regulations knowledge through WIAPS.

Water companies often get asked by their customers to suggest a plumber. By supporting Approved Contractors' Schemes, water companies help their customers find qualified plumbers. On request, they will provide their customers with details of approved plumbers. The details are also freely available to the public on this website.

You can search for a WIAPS plumber, by using the search function in the top right of this website. Just enter your postcode and select 'Search for Plumbers" on the drop down menu of the search bar. 

WIAPS is one of seven Approved Contractors' Schemes operating under WaterSafe.