Chemical Database

WRAS Chemical and fluid category database: WRAS publishes a list of mainly organic chemicals with a recommended fluid category for each one. Although there are over 4300 entries in the list, there are said to be over 500,000 commonly used chemicals as well as many products using combinations of these chemicals, so the list has its limitations. 


You can search the chemical database by clicking on the search icon at the top right of the website. Then enter your search in the box, select 'Search for Chemicals" in the drop down menu on the search bar and press enter.

Search by chemical name, trade name or CAS registry number

You can search for the fluid categories of chemicals by using the chemical name or, where it is known, by the trade name. Particularly for organic chemicals, there are different ways of naming the same chemical and not all these variations are included in the database, so the more reliable way to search is by using the unique CAS registry number for the chemical in question.  

Search by use or application

The list also includes a limited number of products that have been assessed by the Scheme's Technical Committee and for which a recommended fluid category has been agreed. You can search on any of these product descriptions:

  • Beer line cleaner
  • Cleaner for automatic cleaning cycle of commercial cookers
  • Cleaning Fluids
  • Cleaning solution
  • Combination oven cleaning product
  • Combination oven cleaning product - Alkaline Cleaner/detergent
  • Combination oven cleaning product - preservative agent
  • Commercial spray washing chemical for atmospheric steaming oven
  • Corrosion protection fluid
  • Cutting and grinding fluid
  • Cutting oil - Metal working - Soluble
  • Cutting oil – machining coolant
  • Cutting oil – Metal working
  • Degreasing cleaning product
  • Metal Working Fluid
  • Metal working fluid - Soluble
  • Multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser
  • Preservative for cut flowers
  • Process Cleaner
  • Removal of grease in drainage systems
  • Rinse aid for automatic cleaning cycle of commercial cookers
  • Water mix cutting fluid


The process for assigning and adding a recommended fluid category for a chemical or product to the WRAS chemical database is as follows:

  1. The ‘applicant’, usually the product’s manufacturer or supplier, obtains an independent toxicological assessment, prepared by an agreed suitable specialist, of the products hazardous nature and a proposed fluid category. An assessment will take into account the hazardous nature of the constituents (their effect on human health by swallowing and exposure of skin, eyes, nasal membrane etc.), their concentration in a product and its dilution in any specific application or process, and the maximum quantity of the product which could be found in the water system in any backflow event.
  2. The applicant provides WRAS with the report. WRAS will carry out a preliminary evaluation and if satisfied with the report’s conclusions, presents the findings to the WRAS Technical Committee for consideration on behalf of all water suppliers.
  3. The decision made by the WRAS Technical Committee is final.
  4. Commercial confidentiality permitting details of the product and the assessed fluid category will be included by WRAS in the published database.

Please note: the fluid category designation allocated to a chemical or product by the WRAS Technical Committee is a recommendation only. Although it may be useful is assessing the risk a chemical or product poses, as part of their risk assessment of individual systems water suppliers will take into account site specific factors when determining the appropriate backflow prevention requirements.

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