Water Supply Industry Interpretations and Advice

  • Area of Interest : Enforcement
  • Topic : Backflow prevention
  • Title : Adequate devices for preventing backflow
  • Clause Reference : Schedule 2 paragraph 15
  • Reference Number : E03
  • Decision Date : March 2014

The only specification approved by the Regulator for the purposes of Schedule 2 Paragraph 15 (5) of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations/Byelaws is that identified in section 6.3 of the Defra Guidance to Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations. Therefore unless a relaxation* has been granted only those arrangements and devices listed and defined in the Regulators’ Specification for backflow prevention arrangements and devices are considered as being adequate for the purposes of Schedule 2 paragraph 15 (1).

It should be noted that in addition to being one of the backflow prevention arrangements or devices identified as being ‘adequate’ by the Regulator, a backflow prevention arrangement or device must be of an appropriate quality or standard as defined in regulation/byelaw 4 (2).

* for details of all relaxation granted to date please refer click here