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Area of Interest Reference Topic Title
Backflow preventionB01Risk assessmentLaboratories - backflow risk
Backflow preventionB02RPZ ValvesRPZ valves - testing and record keeping
Backflow preventionB03Emergency suppliesRenal Dialysis units - emergency water supplies to hospitals
Backflow preventionB04Fluid categorySteam ovens - catering equipment
Backflow preventionB05Fluid categoryDry cleaning machines
Backflow preventionB06Fluid categoryBackflow risk in dog and cat kennels
Backflow preventionB07Fluid categoryPressure washers
Backflow preventionB08Fluid categoryNon-domestic hose union taps and use of Fluid Category 5 categorisation
Backflow preventionB09Filling loopsRapid filling of heating and cooling systems in non-domestic premises
Backflow preventionB10Fluid categoryWashbasins in hairdressing salons.
Backflow preventionB11Temporary suppliesDosing equipment - temporary connection under the provision of Regulation 2(2).
Backflow preventionB12Fluid categoryFlushing water systems prior to commissioning
Backflow preventionB13Fluid categorySwimming pools in domestic and non-domestic premises and hose union taps
Backflow preventionB14Fluid categoryBaths - residential care accommodation
Backflow preventionB16Maintaining suppliesCross connections - permissible arrangements
Backflow preventionB17Fluid categoryDishwashing machines in small nursing homes
Backflow preventionB18Fire sprinklersFire sprinkler systems - backflow protection of domestic water supplies
Backflow preventionB19Maintaining an air gapPre-rinse spray units for catering use
Backflow preventionB20Flexible hosesRestraining rings for backflow protection of flexible shower hoses
Backflow preventionB21Flexible hosesFlexible hoses used in catering premises for vegetable preparation
Backflow preventionB22Water heatersFilling and topping up heating system primary circuits.
Backflow preventionB23Backflow protectionTemporary water supplies to agricultural shows and festivals etc.
Backflow preventionB24Fluid categoryGlass washers
Backflow preventionB25Fluid categoryCement batching plant
Backflow preventionB26Secondary backflow protectionSecondary backflow protection for Caravan and residential park homes
Backflow preventionB27Backflow protectionBackflow protection for water supplies to construction sites
Backflow preventionB28Fluid categoryBackflow risk assessment for allotment hose union taps
Backflow preventionB29Fluid categoryBackflow protection for hydrants or washouts
Backflow preventionB30Fluid categoryHose union taps used in bin stores
Backflow preventionB31Fluid categoryCompost irrigation in wormeries
Backflow preventionB32Whole site and zone backflow preventionVerifiable check valves installed below ground
Backflow preventionB33Fluid categoryBaptism pools
Backflow preventionB34Fluid categoryHigh risk tap installations
Backflow preventionB35Fluid categoryAcceptability of two single check valves in place of a double check valve
Backflow preventionB37Fluid categoryBaths for assisted bathing of the disabled
Backflow preventionB38Fluid categoryBackflow protection requirements for reverse osmosis units
Backflow preventionB39Type DC arrangementsAlignment of the installation requirements for Type DC arrangements
Backflow preventionB40Fluid categoryHumidifiers
Backflow preventionB41Type DCUse of Type DC arrangements in laboratories
Backflow preventionB42Back flow protectionBackflow protection for storage cisterns water storing wholesome water
Backflow preventionB43Fluid categoryBack up supplies for grey water systems
Backflow preventionB44Fluid categorySpa, floatation and whirlpool baths
Backflow preventionB45Fluid categoryHose union taps used in connection with spa, floatation and whirlpool baths
Backflow preventionB46Fluid categoryFire station fire hydrants
Backflow preventionB48Fluid categoryDomestic appliances which comply with BS EN 61770
Backflow preventionB49Fluid categoryStorage cisterns supplying both laboratory taps and wash hand basins
Backflow preventionB50Zone protectionZone protection in hotels and student accommodation
Backflow preventionB53Backflow risk of shower hosesDemarcation between a fluid category 3 and fluid category 5 zone of risk in a bathroom
Backflow preventionB54Temporary filling loopsDisconnection of temporary filling loops
Backflow preventionB55Fluid categoryWashing of animals
Backflow preventionB56Fluid categoryBain Marie
Backflow PreventionB58Fluid categoryWCs
Backflow preventionB59Fluid categorySafety devices that introduce water to cool systems heated by an uncontrolled heat source
Backflow preventionB60Fluid categoryPrivate hydrants used exclusively for fire fighting purpose
Backflow prevention B61 Fluid category Commercial bread makers
Backflow preventionB62Fluid categoryFence-cleaning chemical spray equipment directly connected to mains
WCsWC01Warning pipesInternal warning pipes (overflows)
DisputesD01Resolving disputesAdvice on disputes and arbitration
EnforcementE01Scope of the Regulations/ByelawsSystems conveying both mains water and water from an alternative source
EnforcementE02Scope of the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations/ByelawsContractor's liability
EnforcementE03Backflow preventionAdequate devices for preventing backflow
EnforcementE04Backflow preventionType AG air gaps
EnforcementE05Backflow preventionType AUK1 air gaps
EnforcementE06Backflow protectionAcceptability of a tundish as backflow protection
EnforcementE07Systems heated by uncontrolled heat sourceSafety devices that introduce water to cool systems heated by an uncontrolled heat source
EnforcementE08Backflow protection Installation of Type DC devices
InstallationI01StopcocksNeed for boundary stopcocks
InstallationI02Preventing cross connectionInappropriate use of blue coloured pipe
InstallationI03Pressure testingPlastics pipes - test requirements.
InstallationI04Stop valvesStop valves for two or more premises with common supply or distributing pipes
InstallationI05PipesLocation of pipes under solid floors
InstallationI06ContaminationBan on lead-based solder - declaration from developer/installer
InstallationI07Water heaters - expansion waterIsolation valves in expansion vessel pipework.
InstallationI08PipesColour coding of supply pipes
InstallationI09Water heaters - expansion waterMains fed water storage heaters of 15 litres or less.
InstallationI10FittingsContinued use of fittings lawfully installed under the former Water Supply Byelaws.
InstallationI11Accessibility of pipeworkAccessibility of supply pipes passing through premises in multi-occupancy.
InstallationI12Stop valvesProvision and location of common or separate supply stop valves in buildings
InstallationI13Servicing valvesHose union taps considered as service valves
InstallationI14Discharge pipesDischarges from condensing boilers
InstallationI15InsulationFrost protection for the supply pipe systems to, and on, allotments
InstallationI16Overflow arrangementsRequirements for an overflow for a cistern supplied via a float valve
InstallationI18Surge arrestorDeadlegs as surge arrestors
InstallationI19PipeworkProximity of plastic supply pipes, sewers and drains
InstallationI20Expansion vesselsInstallation of expansion vessels
InstallationI21Dead legDead legs
InstallationI22Supply pressureMaximum and minimum supply pressure
InstallationI23AccessibilityAccessibility of operational fittings
InstallationI24DZRClarification of DZR requirement for closed circuits
InstallationI25Lead pipeRepairing lead pipe
InstallationI26PipeworkSupplies in cemeteries and graveyards
InstallationI27PipesAcceptability of pipe complying with WIS 4-32-19
InstallationI28Utility pipesRelative positioning of utility service
InstallationI29Supply pipeRe-using an existing supply pipe
InstallationI31Irrigation systemsGuidance for installers of irrigation systems
InstallationI32Safety valve dischargeSafety valves discharge arrangements for multiple systems
InstallationI33Copper pipeInstallation of copper pipe below ground
InstallationI34CopperEquivalent of Table X, Table Y and Table W copper tube
InstallationI35Pressure testingBS EN 806
InstallationI36Towel radiatorsAcceptability of towel radiators connected to the domestic hot water system
InstallationI37Stop valvesScrewdriver operated spherical valves
InstallationI38Identification of pipeworkApplication of marker tape
InstallationI39Water heatersAccommodation of thermal expansion
InstallationI40Single check valvesBackflow protection on fire protection systems considered to be a fluid category 2 risk
InstallationI41Backflow protectionSupplies to equipment used exclusively for fire fighting purposes
InstallationI42WCs flush volumeMarking to show intendedflush volume
InstallationI43Combination taps with separate waterwaysBi-flow taps
Installation / Water QualityIWQ01Disinfection of pipeworkTime elapsed before re-disinfection
Non-complianceNC01Crown immunityApplication of thethe Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations/Scottish Water Byelaws to premises previously covered by Crown immunity
Non-complianceNC02Timescale for improvementsProportionality and timescales in requiring compliance
NotificationN01Fire sprinklersFire sprinkler systems - domestic fire sprinkler systems
NotificationN02Details of notifiable workNotification of alterations - exemption for minor work
NotificationN03Approved ContractorsApproved Contractors exemption from Notification and Compliance Certificates.
NotificationN04PumpsRequirement to notify the proposed installation of a pump
NotificationN05Material change of use Notification of changes relating to storage and use of fluid category 4 or 5 substances
RelaxationsR01ConsistencySeeking national water supply industry support
Requirements for Water FittingsRWF1Interruption to water supplyElectric water heaters - continuity of supply
Use of waterUW01Fire sprinklersProvision of water for fire sprinkler systems in domestic premises
Water QualityWQ01Preventing contaminationStandpipes
Water QualityWQ02Preventing contaminationTaste of TCP from flexible hoses
Water QualityWQ03Chemical dosing and maintaining wholesomenessChlorine dioxide dosing
Water QualityWQ04Pressure testing and disinfectionChanging premises from private water supplies to public supplies
Water QualityWQ05LiabilityDosing equipment - responsibility
Water QualityWQ06ContaminationPreventing stagnation in a fire sprinkler system
Water QualityWQ08Maintaining wholesomenessUse of petroleum tapes for wrapping pipes and fittings
Water QualityWQ09Responsibility for Water QualityChildren's play equipment that uses water
Water QualityWQ10DisinfectionDisinfection requirements for caravans
Water QualityWQ11Fluid categorySafety showers and eye wash baths
WCsWC01Warning pipesInternal warning pipes (overflows)
WCsWC02Warning pipeWC cisterns - inappropriate use
WCsWC03Flushing performanceWC pans - on site test of flushing effectiveness