Water Supply Industry Interpretations and Advice

  • Area of Interest : Water Quality
  • Topic : Fluid category
  • Title : Safety showers and eye wash baths
  • Clause Reference : Regulation 2 (2)
  • Reference Number : WQ11
  • Decision Date : June 2011

Water suppliers do not consider water supplied to safety showers and eye wash baths as water supplied for domestic purposes, and the suitability of the quality of the water in the equipment is not a matter for regulation enforcement.

BS EN 15154 requires water for these safety devices to be wholesome and supplied from a dedicated known clean source. Whilst it is acceptable for safety showers and eye baths to be fed from the same storage cistern supplying other laboratory equipment it is recommended that they be fed via a dedicated distributing pipe.

If the same storage cistern is used to supply all equipment in a laboratory including safety equipment it is suggested that advice is sought regarding the risk of the cistern becoming contaminated by backflow from laboratory outlets.