Consultation on the revisions to guidance for businesses associated with coastal and inland waterways

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UK water suppliers, through WRAS, are consulting on the proposed revisions to current guidance for ports, harbours, marina environments, IGN 9-06-01 and IGN 9-06-02, first published in 2006.

This consultation provides stakeholders and interested parties the opportunity to review and comment on a proposed revisions.  It begins on Friday 5 October 2018 and closes on Friday 8 March 2019.

Coastal and inland waterways summary

The proposed guidance, Backflow prevention guidance: Coastal and Inland waterways, provides advice to assist those responsible for operating and managing ports,harbours, marinas and inland waterways to comply with their legal obligationsin relation to water supplies.

The updated guidance follows a review of recorded contamination events and contamination risks. It provides information on suitable methods of providing backflow protection and is intended to replace both IGN 9-06-01 and IGN 9-06-02. It sets out:

  • The legislative requirements
  • Information for advanced notification of alterations and installations
  • Guidance on backflow protection
  • Examples of associated risks within these types of premises

Your views

Weare encouraging all interested parties to comment on any aspect of the proposed revisions. Full details including how to respond can be found in the consultation section of our website at

Following consultation the WRAS Ports, Harbours and Marinas Working Group will prepare a final draft of the guidance for approval by WRAS membership before publication.