WRAS Approvals inlet valves, cisterns and WCs

31st October 2019

WRAS Approvals is a voluntary approval scheme, which aims to help water fittings/water using appliance manufacturers demonstrate compliance with the water fittings regulations.

WRAS Approvals must take the views of the water companies, the enforcers of the water fittings regulations, and regulators into account for the purposes of the WRAS Approvals scheme.

In response to the publication of the water companies’ clarifications in March 2019, WRAS Approvals reviewed its acceptance criteria for approvals to be granted in respect of WCs, cisterns and inlets valves.

WRAS Approvals has been made aware that Defra and water companies are in urgent discussions concerning an interim solution for WC enforcement proposed by the Bathroom Manufacturers Association. WRAS has therefore paused the implementation of the changes proposed in April 2019, for existing approvals in respect of WCs, cisterns and inlets valve approvals, whilst these discussions are ongoing. These changes were due to be made on the 31st October 2019.

This will not affect applications for new approvals, but approval holders should be aware that there may be future changes to how these types of approvals may be listed and described.