Installer News

  • Be prepared for winter

    Top tips – Start preparing now There’s no time like the present to get started, here are a few simple things to share with homeowners and businesses to prepare for a cold winter. Locate the stop tap and check it is in working read more

  • ‘Hall of Shame’ - public water feature

    Welcome to our new “Hall of Shame” feature. This is a new feature where we share a picture themed on water fittings that you might have seen in your town. This months’ shameful picture This picture was taken in a busy town and read more

  • Domestic and Residential Fire Suppression Systems

    There has been a lot of focus on fire protection systems for single households since the Domestic Fire Safety Measure was passed by the Welsh Government and came in to force in 2016. In Wales it has become compulsory to install an automatic fire read more

  • Spot the difference – Check valves or Non-return valves…

    Non-return valve is a term commonly used in industry and easily understood by the public. Simply put it describes devices trying to stop fluids returning back. Since industrialisation engineers soon realised the need to stop fluids flowing read more

  • Why could my water taste of petrol

    Plastics materials have been one of the major innovations of the 20th century. The humble pipe is one which has benefited from innovation and provided a number of benefits including anti-corrosion properties and flexibility. These have helped read more

  • District heating systems and the Water Fittings Regulations and Byelaws

    In this article we will briefly explain the requirements of the Water Fittings Regulations (Byelaws in Scotland) as they apply to these types of systems. The UK is driving forwards to a low carbon economy where the use of district heating read more

  • Type AB air gap app

    WRAS has recently published a second plumbing design app, this time tohelp designers and installers with type AB air gap arrangements. The Air Gap Calculator replaces the former Microsoft Excel spreadsheet-based read more

  • WaterSafe moving house campaign

    WaterSafe, the UK national accreditation body for approved plumbers,has created a quick and easy five-step guide for new home owners and those moving house to check their plumbing is in tip top condition. WaterSafe has launched a Moving read more

  • The Regulators' view on domestic plumbing

    Drinking water quality regulators across the UK have highlighted issues with private plumbing in their annual reports. The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI), overseeing water supply quality in England and Wales , issues regular reports read more

  • Water competition arrives in England

    In April 2017, in a bid to increase market competition, 1.2 million more non-household customers for water and sewerage services have been able to choose their supplier. Arrangements for this overhaul of national water services and its read more

  • WaterSafe rebrand

    WaterSafe, the national hub for approved plumbers administered by WRAS, has recently rebranded and launched new logos and a revamped website – . The rebrand and website relaunch were primarily to make it easier to read more

  • Dipping into the Water Regulations

    Like many mains-fed installations, there are regulations to ensure swimming pools and spas/hot tubs meet legal requirements. All water fittings and appliances connected to mains water supply must comply with the requirements of the Water read more

  • Approved or not approved... WRAS is the question

    Thomas Cook, WIAPS Manager Are you a ‘WRAS Approved’ plumber? There are many of you out there! It is a common misconception that plumbers can be WRAS Approved . However, no plumbing business may claim to be WRAS approved and read more

  • How poor plumbing is causing pollution

    Andrew Broadbent, chair of the National Misconnections Group It may seem like a small mistake – one wrongly connected bit of plumbing. But that is all it takes to see waste from toilets, showers and washing machines flowing into our read more

  • Pipe Insulation Tool

    As the weather is getting colder, WRAS has released a new ‘Pipe insulation Tool’ app to help designers and installers calculate minimum insulation requirements for every installation. The app is free to download or use on the WRAS read more

  • Plumbing in appliances

    Commercial premises often need higher levels of backflow protection for their water-using appliances, such as dishwashers and washing machines. This article provides advice to help identify the right backflow prevention for these appliances. The read more

  • Don't be a douche about hand showers

    What the installer needs to know - Nobody would expect or want to find water from the WC pan coming out of their kitchen tap. But across the UK faulty installation of ablutionary showers in homes could have this result. Ablutionary showers are read more

  • RPZ data refreshed

    Recently WRAS refreshed the RPZ testers list so it more accurately reflects those who are currently offering testing services. During this process we did not hear back from all testers so if you are a tester and wish to be back on the list read more

  • Marking a change

    No one wants to have contaminated drinking water. But it can and does happen, particularly if pipes in the home carrying reused water look the same as those carrying drinking water. The way to distinguish them is to ensure the proper labelling is read more

  • Ready for the RPZ Approved Installation Method (AIM)

    An update of the installation requirements for RPZ valves is expected to be published this year. Water Industry Approved Installation Methods (AIMs) are approved by water companies who enforce the regulations and are recognised by the regulator, read more