Interpretations update - autumn 2017

WRAS publishes technical interpretations to assist in the design,installation or maintenance of plumbing systems. The most recent updates are listed below, but why not take a look in the ‘Resources’section of the WRAS website under ‘Interpretations and Advice’ for the full list.


Laboratories – risk of contamination by backflow - Area of Interest : Backflow prevention (B01) - Laboratories - backflow risk; Clause Reference: Regulation 3, Schedule 2 paragraph 15 & G15.3... read more

Contractor’s liability - Area of Interest : Enforcement Topic (E02) - Contractor's liability; Clause Reference: Regulation 2(1)... read more


The following interpretations have been withdrawn.

N02 Notification of alterations – exemption for minor work - related to how notification requirements applied to minor alterations or extensions of water systems. It was considered that the advice was no longer needed, as the guidance within the regulations is sufficient.

N03 Approved Contractors’ exemption from Notification and Compliance Certificates - advice related to the issuing of certificates and over time the approved contractors’ schemes have updated their terms and conditions and so the advice is no longer required.

WQ06 Preventing stagnation in a fire sprinkler system - advice related to the use of an outlet at the end of a fire sprinkler system to reduce water stagnation within it. The advice has been withdrawn to prevent confusion.

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