How Water Regulations Certificates work

The WRAS Technical Committee has accredited several organisations which issue Certificates of Water Regulations Knowledge or Scottish Water Byelaws Knowledge. These certificates are one of these pre-requirements for candidates wishing to join the Water Industry Plumbers Scheme or similar Schemes run by others.

The accreditation of these organisations' was carried out at their request. The organisations underwent an assessment of their capabilities in testing candidates' knowledge of the Water Regulations (Byelaws). This included a review of the overall assessment process, checks on training material and an audit of training and assessment sessions being undertaken on behalf of the organisation. A programme of subsequent audit visits is planned to check that the required standards are being maintained.

These organisations will adopt the Water Regulations assessment question bank, when it is available. Developed by the national Approved Contractors Schemes Coordinating group, this question bank has three sets of papers comprising Legal (dealing with the Regulations alone), General (dealing with Schedule 2 excluding backflow), and backflow and have been selected to reflect the breadth of the topics covered by the Water Fittings Regulations. By agreement amongst the Approved Contractor Schemes, certificates of knowledge awarded using this question bank will be acceptable as evidence of knowledge of the Regulations or Byelaws as part of the entrance requirements for all Schemes.