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What are RPZs?

Type BA backflow protection devices are more commonly known as Reduced Pressure Zone valves or RPZ valves.  It is a legal requirement to have these devices checked on a regular basis, at least yearly, to ensure they provide the backflow protection required.

All installations, commissioning and testing must be carried out in accordance with the Water Suppliers' Approved Installation Method AIM-08-01. The commissioning and testing of these valves must only be carried out by an accredited tester approved by the local water supplier.

How can I become an RPZ tester and be listed on the WRAS website?

If you would like your details to be added to the RPZ testers listed on the WRAS website, you need to successfully complete an RPZ course that has been endorsed by WRAS.

Currently only one course has been recognised which is run by Develop Training Limited.

When attending the Develop Training course candidates complete an application form to be registered with WRAS and listed on the RPZ Tester search facility.  Candidates have an opportunity to elect either to be publicly listed; or not to be publically listed but be recognised by water companies by allowing their details to be held by WRAS and used to confirm whether a person is a valid RPZ tester. 

Once candidates have successfully completed the course, Develop Training sends WRAS a list of successful candidates who wish to be listed on the WRAS website. WRAS then adds these to the WRAS website.

Note: Water Suppliers' Approved Installation Method AIM-08-01 for RPZ valves is under review, so this process is likely to change.  Upon publication of the revised RPZ AIM-08-01 there will also be changes to the RPZ Tester search facility and how testers are listed.

Information for RPZ testers

Following the review of the RPZ AIM-08-01 and updated data protection laws, WRAS has simplified the list of RPZ testers published in the RPZ Tester search facility. This means the search facility focuses on current testers who provide RPZ testing services.

If, as an RPZ tester, you no longer appear on this list and wish to do so, please send updated details using the update form below.  Email completed forms to info@wras.co.uk or post them to us.

WRAS reserves the right to amend or remove details from the listing and endeavours to contact testers and companies prior to making any changes, in some situations WRAS may do this without prior notice.

 RPZ tester update form

The course certificate states that this is only valid for three years - are RPZ testers removed from the website after three years?

The water industry has agreed that no time limit should be placed on the listings on the WRAS website. However RPZ testers are expected to maintain their competence, by frequently carrying out RPZ tests.