RPZ Approved Installation Method Issue 2 updated

The RPZ conversion training is now closed.

The RPZ AIM 08-01 has been updated, Issue 2 was published on 8 January 2020 (link to Issue 2). There will be a 12-month transition period, running until 7 January 2021, after which Issue 1 will no longer be recognised. This transition period is to enable existing RPZ testers, users and operators to understand the new requirements.

The water industry, through WRAS, will be providing free training for those who have already successfully completed an existing water industry recognised RPZ tester course. This conversion training will be available until November 2020.

The training will be offered from March 2020. To ensure continued recognition by water companies existing approved RPZ testers need to complete the course before the end of November 2020.

It is important RPZ testers keep their details up to date, these can checked on the WRAS search facility. If anything needs updating complete the form below and return it to WRAS by post or email to info@wras.co.uk.

 RPZ tester update form

All current RPZ testers should have received a letter or email about these changes. However, we have not been able to keep in touch with everyone as some of the information we had was out of date and had to bedeleted following the updates in data protection laws.

Training information

RPZ Tester Conversion training courses are available for the following dates. 120 places are available on each course and are offered on a first come first serve basis. We require two key pieces of information before you can participate on the conversion training. These are a postal address where we can send the training pack to (home or work) and a personal email address (work or home), which you alone use - this is needed for the individual account needed for the online parts of the training and assessment. This cannot be a shared work email account such as an administrator.

The Conversion training guide provides a brief overview of the course. The training itself is self-directed learning pack which can be done at work or home (no scheduled classroom sessions). The delegate will then logs on to the online portal to complete the assessment.


2-29 March
6 April - 3 May
11 May - 7 June
15 June - 12 July
20 July - 16 August
24 August - 20 September
28 September - 25 October
ad Hoc
to 30 November

Remember - you need to keep your details up to date as we will send a printed training pack to either the home or work address you selected as registered with us. To update the details we hold use the RPZ tester update form and return it by post or email to info@wras.co.uk.