Water Supply Industry Interpretations and Advice

  • Area of Interest : Installation
  • Topic : Towel radiators
  • Title : Acceptability of towel radiators connected to the domestic hot water system
  • Clause Reference : Regulation 3, G18.2 & G18.4
  • Reference Number : I36
  • Decision Date : October 2012

The installation of a towel warmer or radiator on a domestic hot water system is acceptable provided that:

  1. The radiator, valves and any other fittings used to make this connection are manufactured from materials that are suitable for use with wholesome water, such as stainless steel or copper; and
  2. Adequate flow through the radiator should be maintained at all times, under no circumstances should the hot water in the radiator be allowed to stagnate; and
  3. The system design has taken into consideration the guidance given in G18.2 and G18.4 for hot water distribution temperatures. This being the case it is likely that such a radiator can only be installed on the return of a domestic hot water system.