Water Supply Industry Interpretations & Advice

Water suppliers have a legal duty to ensure that the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (Byelaws in Scotland) are complied with in their appointed area of supply.

To facilitate compliance with, and support consistency in the application of these Regulations, water suppliers, assisted by WRAS, have produced a number of non-statutory technical interpretations and other advice.

Area of Interest Reference Topic Title
Backflow preventionB01Risk assessmentLaboratories - backflow risk
Backflow preventionB02RPZ ValvesRPZ valves - testing and record keeping
Backflow preventionB03Emergency suppliesRenal Dialysis units - emergency water supplies to hospitals
Backflow preventionB04Fluid categorySteam ovens - catering equipment
Backflow preventionB05Fluid categoryDry cleaning machines
Backflow preventionB06Fluid categoryBackflow risk in dog and cat kennels
Backflow preventionB07Fluid categoryPressure washers
Backflow preventionB08Fluid categoryNon-domestic hose union taps and use of Fluid Category 5 categorisation
Backflow preventionB10Fluid categoryWashbasins in hairdressing salons.
Backflow preventionB11Temporary suppliesDosing equipment - temporary connection under the provision of Regulation 2(2).